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Louie hosts a call on these dates:

Jan. 3 Jan. 17 Jan. 24 & March 1st

Email iris@lotustours.net to register

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Louie Yi, President of Lotus Travel, wears many hats (though no hairJ!

He is dad, husband, business owner, veteran traveler, and tour guide extraordinaire. He is known to many “Uncle Louie” and leads traveling families deftly through the variegies of China travel.  Every traveling family also appreciates his in-depth understanding Chinese and North American cultures. 

Louie Yi has traveled all over China during the past 20+ years as a professional travel guide and agent.  He has toured 30 province and autonomous regions. The only spots he has not yet visited are: Inner Mongolia, Jilin, Liaoning provinces and the Ningxia  Autonomous Region.

Take advantage of his expert knowledge of China and ask your travel questions.  Or, if you have previously traveled to China and have questions on what to do on a 2nd or 3rd trip, please join us!   Or, if you have a recommendation for a return trip, or want to know something about a particular area of China, you are welcome on the call!

This is the perfect opportunity to ask about China travel or to make suggestions for future tours if you want to visit a 2nd or 3rd time. To register, email iris@lotustours.net with “Louie’s Call” in the subject line. Please include a contact phone number. 

Below is a sampling of places Louie has traveled for.  Click on the location name below and to see a few of Louie’s travel photos.

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