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Winter Travel Perspective
   Kimberlie M.: “Two of our four adoption trips took began either just before Christmas or right after Christmas. Our third trip, in late December 2008 and early January 2009 was a really memorable trip. We only needed to be in our daughter's province for two days, we arranged a side trip to Xian, something we were not able to do our first two trips. I am so glad we traveled there in early January! The weather, while a bit chilly, was comfortable with no threat of rain or snow. When we visited the Xian ancient city wall when we first arrived -- there was hardly anyone there. The next day, we visited the Terra Cotta Warriors museum and again were shocked at the small group of visitors. It felt like we had the whole place to ourselves!

There was a festive spirit in the hotels and shops as we saw first beautifully decorated Christmas trees and then the Christmas decorations gave way to decorations of plum blossoms, lanterns and dragons as they anticipated the beginning of Chinese New Year. From a tourist perspective, our winter trips were two of the most relaxing because we did not have to fight the huge crowds to see the attractions we wanted to see and they were our least expensive trips because we saved money on airfare.”
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