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"Uncle Louie" Heritage Tour
Join the "host with the most" for your trip to China! Let Louie Yi, tour guide extraordinaire and President of Lotus Travel, take care of all the details as you relax and enjoy all the moments with your family. Climb the Great Wall and explore the iconic spots in Beijing; take in the ancient wonders of Xian; hug a panda in Chengdu; enjoy the family "downtime" and the hands-on activities throughout...
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Panda Heritage Tour
This is a tour specially designed to meet the interests for every member in your family and to ensure a balance of special hands on cultural activities, sightseeing and the leisure time the whole family needs. Free Time Budget Tour
We have been closely watching the current COVID-19 virus situation in US and Canada, it seems you won’t be able to travel to China in this summer. Though the COVID-19 virus situation in China is under control, they have just recently started domestic travel. Please contact louie@lotustours.net to work out your details.
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