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"Uncle Louie" Summer Heritage Tour
Join the "host with the most" for your trip to China! Let Louie Yi, tour guide extraordinaire and President of Lotus Travel, take care of all the details as you relax and enjoy all the moments with your family.
It will be a most memorable winter break for your family. You can mark your holiday while en-route or in your child’s hometown area, which, of course, marks that day hugely memorable...
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Free Time Budget Tour
Like designated cities and time with guides, but also a lot of flexibility?
This trip is designed with you in mind. This itinerary is ideal - check it out!!

Free Time Budget Tour
While we are all concerned about the coronavirus situation in US, the coronavirus situation in China is getting better. With the updated news from China, there is no new coronavirus cases in most provinces. Currently, Chinese scientists expect no more new coronavirus cases by end of March and by end of April, and expect it be be safe for people to travel without masks. The above updated information is for your reference. We will contintue to monitor and keep updating information as more inforamtion becomes available for your final travel decision.
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