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Hainan Province is the second largest ocean island and the smallest land province in China. It lies in the south end of China and covers 35,300square kilometers of land and has over 2million sq.km of ocean. It includes Hainan Island, Xisha, Nansha and Zhongsha islands. Hainan’s beautiful beaches and clean air, has attained good reputation among visitors and has been know around the world as “the Asian Hawaii”. This is the best swimming and bathing place all year round.

Hainan has been also called the “Natural greenhouse and Tropical Orchard”. Tropical fruits and crops are the growing abundantly in Hainan. The island is also rich in growing thousands of rare tropical plants. Hainan is famous for their attractive handicrafts, like shell carvings.

Haikou City

  • Hai Rui’s Tomb
    Built in 1589, it was the burial ground of Ming Dynasty official Hai Rui, who was famed as a statesman for his honesty and performance of this duty as well as his clean life. The graveyard is simple and solemn, and was paved with granite. A pavilion stands behind the tomb with two couplets by Hai Rui, both praising his honesty. At the back you can see the Qingfeng Pavilion displaying Hai Rui's stories and relics, by which you will understand why he has been respected by generations of people.

  • Dongzhai Harbour Mangrove Natural Reserve Area
    The largest and the first mangrove natural reserve area in China, covers an area of 3337.6 hectares. ). It is a typical tropical jungle, and the mangrove tree family can be seen everywhere in the area. The area is also called ‘Heaven for birds’, about 159 species of birds inhabit here, including many rare migratory ones. So it’s also a wetland of international importance especially as a waterfowl habitat.

  • Holiday Beach
    Located in the northwest part of Haikou City, Holiday Beach is one of the major recreational resorts in Hainan Province. The beach is 6 kilometers long and enjoys a wonderful climate, with sparkling waters, waving coconut trees, plenty of sunshine and blue skies.

  • Wugong Temple
    Also called as Temple of Five Lords, was built to commemorate the five famous officials- Li Deyu, Li Gang, Zhao Ding, Li Guang and Hu Quan who were banished to Hainan during the Tang Dynasty (618-907) and the Song Dynasty (960-1279). The vivid and lifelike stone statues of the five prestigious officials were housed inside the main hall. The temple is regarded as the "number one tower" in Hainan Province.

  • Dongjiao Coconut Plantation
    Located on the seaside of Dongjiao Town, Wenchang City in Hainan, Dongjiao Coconut Plantation is famous for its broad coconut plantation. It is a forest with over 500,000 coconut trees. Some short arecas are immingled among them, which quite resemble the coconuts, so the Hainan people call them 'Trees of Lovers', coconuts the heroes and arecas the beauties. The trees not only provide a scenic backdrop and savory fruit, but they also act as a shield against the frequent typhoons here.

  • Nanli Lake
    About 60 kilometers away from Haikou City, Nanli Lake is one of the largest fresh water lakes in Hainan. With the mild climate and limpid water, it is an excellent bathing place all the year around. Additionally, as a scenic site, Nanli Lake provides splendid service of accommodation, catering and entertainment and the facilities are ample, including sumptuous hotels, restaurants, villas, the golf course and some facilities of entertainment above water. Far away from the crowded cities, it is your best choice for relaxation and entertainment.

  • Tropical Ocean World
    Surrounded by various statues of ocean creatures and colorful fountains, covering an area of 20,000 square meters, the Tropical Ocean World is the first big tropical and oceanic theme park in China, where you can not only see the tropical rain forest's marvelous spectacles but also the wonders of ocean life. You can also view the most advanced movies and enjoy high-tech entertainment facilities, along with the sunshine and the surf of the sea.

  • Wuzhi Mountain
    Wuzhi Mountain, located in Wuzhi Shan City, is the highest peak of the mountains in Hainan. Wuzhi means five fingers in Chinese. The overall shape of the mountain extends like the five digits of a hand, that’s where the mountain owes its name from. Muzhi Mountain is the symbol of the island. It has been listed by the International Tourism Organization in recognition of its supreme natural scenery which comprises one of the few natural rain forests surviving in the world today.


  • Tianya Haijiao
    At the most southern point of Hainan Province, there is a charming scenic spot named Tianya Haijiao, which is 24 km to the west of Sanya's Municipal Area. Numerous huge rocks erect there, among which is the famed and spectacular stone with Chinese characters "Tianya (Edge of the Sky)" inscribed on one side and "Haijiao (Rim of the Sea)" on the other. In Chinese literature, the cape is mentioned in many famous poems, such as "I will follow you to Tian-Ya-Hai-Jiao", which means the couple will never be separated. Therefore many newlyweds spend part of their honeymoon visiting the place.

  • Yalong Wan
    Considered as the longest and best beach in Hainan, Yalong Wan is located close to the main resort area in Sanya. It is 7.5 km long, covering an area of 18.6 km. White sand, green plants, frech air, blue sea, variety of activities (such as water-skiing, sailing, scuba diving, deep sea fishing), have made it a paradise for swimming, sunbathe, snorkeling, and relaxing.

  • Sanya Bay
    Sanya Bay is one of the five major bays in Sanya, Hainan, China. It has a 22km beach. Sanya Bay is not far from the city center, it would be a good alternative to walk along the bay after an evening meal to feel the soft sea breeze and warm sea water, and view the sunset. During daytime, as you leisurely walk along the bay, you can see the fishermen fishing and hear their working songs echoing. Also you will see more life of the local people. Alongside, there are a lot of local seafood restaurants where you can try the authentic seafood.

  • Nanshan Culture Tourism Zone
    Nanshan Cultural Tourism zone has three gardens with special themes namely Buddhism Culture Park, Blessing and Longevity Park and Hainan Custom Culture Park. Buddhism Culture Park is rich in philosophical beliefs which highlights the Nanshan (South Mountain) Temple, and has a giant sea-side statue of Kwan-yin, constructed out of gold, diamonds and jade, surrounded by other precious stones. Blessing and Longevity Park, is a garden collecting the essence of Chinese culture. Hainan Custom Culture Park is packed with the characteristics of Hainan Province.

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