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Well known for its wine and beer breweries, Shandong province is 156,700 square kilometers in size and possesses a population of 88.38 million. Located at the lower reaches of the Yellow River, it mainly manufactures cotton, peanuts, apples, peaches, watermelons, peonies and roses.

Featuring a saltier taste compared to other Chinese provincial cuisines, some local favorites include sea cucumber with mushrooms and bamboo shoots, fried oyster, clams in egg white, shredded chicken with shark's fin, stewed pork knuckle and green onion pancakes.

Attractions to visit


Also known as the "Capital of Springs", Jinan is the provincial capital of Shandong at the same time. Over 100 springs flowing toward Jinan city, Baotu, Black Tiger, Pearl and Five Dragon are the most famous springs among the group.

  • Baotu Spring Scenic Zone

    Rated as the "Number One Spring On Earth", the spring's water splashes out through three different underground paths. Visitors will also be amazed by the gorgeous views surrounding the area.

  • Daming Lake

    Surrounded by spectacular sceneries, pavilions and terraces, the Daming Lake is one of the "must-visits" in Jinan.

  • The Mountain of A Thousand Buddha

    At an elevation of 285 meters, the mountain is filled with a large amount of stone-carved Buddha and other carved arts since the Sui Dynasty (581 AD)


Reputable for its beaches, beer and seafood, Qingdao is a tourist city one shouldn't miss.

  • Zhanqiao Pier

    Constructed in 1891, the Zhanqiao Pier is the landmark of Qingdao. 440 meters in length, it is the best location to enjoy the fabulous sceneries surrounding the area.

  • Qingdao Aquarium

    Built during the early 1930s, the aquarium is rated as one of the best in China. It contains over a thousand kinds of fishes in the world and has become one of the popular attractions of the area.

  • Badaguan (Eight Passes)

    Badaguan is the meeting point of eight major crisscrossed pathways, which are named after the eight passes of the Great Wall. Various trees and flowers are planted along the pathways, making this attraction a local favorite.

  • Laoshan Mountain Scenic Spot

    Also known as the "Fairy Mountain On The Ocean", the scenic spot is approximately 40 kilometers away from downtown Qingdao and has various temples, forests, caves and rare rock formations.

  • Shilaoren (Old Stone Man) National Holiday Resort

    This fantastic resort is consisted of an 18-hold golf course, a theme park on the sea and an international beer town. It is certainly a great option for family vacations.

Taishan Mountain

Rated as the "holiest" of the five Sacred Mountains in China, Taishan Mountain is listed as an UNESCO World Natural and Cultural Heritage Site and is surrounded by marvelous sceneries. Its main peak has an elevation of 1,532 meters and has various temples and stone scriptures left behind by emperors, poets and Buddhist monks.


An UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site, Qufu is the birthplace of Confucius, the great philosopher and educator.

  • Confucian Temple

    Constructed in the honor and memories of Confucius, visitors may tribute the most respected teacher in China.

  • Confucian Mansion

    A gigantic courtyard with 463 rooms, chambers and halls, the Confucian Mansion used to be the residence and office of Confucius' kin.

  • Confucian Mausoleum

    Covering an area of 200 hectares and surrounding by more than 100,000 ancient trees, this was where Confucius and his descendents were buried.


Liken as the "Fairyland on the Ocean", Penglai is a marvelous scenic zone, which is famous for its local seafood feast.

  • Penglai Pavilion

    Comparable to the Yellow Crane Pavilion in Hubei and the Yueyang Pavilion in Hunan, the Penglai Pavilion is the best place to enjoy the spectacular sceneries of the region.

  • Penglai Water City

    Situated near the Penglai Pavilion, the water city was once used as a ship dock during ancient times. Retaining its intact city wall, light tower and other facilities, the Penglai Water City remains a busy fishing port and market nowadays.

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