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Customized Family Search Trips by Province

If you would like to pursue searching for members of a birth family, it is challenging, but a growing number of people are pursuing this possibility.  Each trip will need to be specialized according to your plans and information available prior to travel.   Contact iris@lotustours.net for general inquiries in planning; or if you need to plan exact itinerary details, email louie@lotustours.net to get itinerary created. Below is an outline of a suggested itinerary format and additional resource links at the bottom of the page.

Day 1 :
Arrive at the hometown city to pursue searching leads. Click Search from your desk to read steps to take prior to traveling which may help your search be as productive as possible.
Day 2 :

Culture CampCustomized plan, per your request.  A common step to take while in China, is to visit the finding site and place a poster (prepare it before the trip) around the finding site. One might also consider visiting the birth hospital or local police station for additional leads and information. The poster should include the information like baby picture and current photo, e-mail address, China cell phone number if possible (no US phone number), the date when baby was abandoned, and any other key information that can help identify.  Do not list all relevant information, so one can sort out inquiries as they come in.  Or, one may choose to visit a local school to pass out pencils with your contact information to spread the word of your search quietly among local school children, who may possess some first-hand knowledge.  Click Searching in China to read more suggestions to aid your search while in China.

Day 3 :

Explore near the finding site area (if it is deemed reliable) or pursue other leads appropriate for the search.

Day 4 :

Continue to follow your leads or depart the hometown city for the next destination.

Addititional resources: Cultural Caveats in Searching ; DNA Resources ; Haleys quick search ; and Third Daughter.   Or, see website: http://www.chinafamilysearch.org/index.shtml# for general overview.

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