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Neighboring Korea in the east and Inner Mongolia in the northwest, Liaoning province is 145,900 square kilometers in size and pursues a population of 41.7 million. Reputable for its fruit productions, such as watermelons, strawberries, apples and pears, the province is rich in ginseng and the manufacture of shrimps, sea cucumbers, clams, oysters and abalones. Rated as one of the most prosperous regions during the early Qing Dynasty, the province has many remarkable historical and cultural attractions to offer its visitors.

Localizing the royal imperial cuisine by substituting expensive ingredients, the Liaoning cuisine also features dishes of different ethnic minority groups. Some local favorites include Manzhou and Han Banquet, Laobian dumplings, Haicheng meat pies, fried kidneys, fried livers and Dalian seafood.

Attractions to visit


Currently the provincial capital of Liaoning, Shenyang was the capital of several dynasties, thus retaining many remarkable historical attractions.

  • Imperial Palace

    Built in 1625, it served as the residence of the Manchurian rulers before they took control of China and the establishment of the Qing Dynasty in Beijing. Although not comparable to the Forbidden City in Beijing, it is the second most intact palace structure in China.

  • Zhaoling Mausoleum

    Covering an area of 180,000 square meters, it was the burial site of the second Qing Emperor and his Queen.

  • September 18 Incident Museum

    The museum's appearance looked similar to a desk calendar, in which "Sept 18, 1931" was carved on the exterior of the building. This museum contains extensive information regarding this shocking historical incident and constantly serves as a reminder of the Japanese aggression right before their invasion and the Second World War.

  • Weird Slope

    Approximately 80 meters in length, cars would slide upslope automatically even the drivers have gone down slope and turned the ignitions off; that is why it is titled as the "Weird Slope".


Rated as one of the most beautiful seaside cities in China, Dalian also serves as a fantastic beach resort and venue for major events, such as the Dalian International Fashion Festival, International Marathon Competition and the Chinese New Year Firework Display Festival.

  • Dalian Jinshitan Beach Resort (Golden Pebble Beach)

    Surrounded by spectacular sceneries and marvelous rock formations that looked similar to live animals, such as monkey, tiger and tortoise, the Dalian Jinshitan Beach Resort has become a popular vacation spot for both local and foreign tourists. Covering an area of 62 square kilometers, the resort also contains a fabulous golf course, which is invested by companies based in China, Hong Kong and the United States of America.

  • Xinghai Park

    Pursuing the largest aquarium in Asia, visitors can gain better knowledge of a large variety of rare marine creatures in this fantastic theme park. Furthermore, tourists can also cruise around the area and embark on an excited adventure in the North and South Pole Adventure Land, which is often liken as the Disneyland in China.


Known as the largest iron and steel industrial base in China, Anshan is also famous for its landscapes, spectacular sceneries and hot springs.

  • Qianshan Mountain Scenic Zone

    Situated approximately 30 kilometers away from downtown Anshan, Qianshan Mountain is consisted of 999 peaks, and therefore known as the "Mountain with thousands of lotus flowers". The fantastic sceneries and the gorgeous cool climate around the scenic zone certainly attract many local and foreign tourists during summer.

  • Jade Buddha Mansion

    The mansion is notable for its Jade Buddha sculpture, which took 120 workers 18 months to carve. The sculpture is known as the largest in the world and is listed on the Guinness Book of World Records.

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