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Situated in southeastern China, Fujian province is known as the "Mountain Kingdom" due to its mountainous landscapes. Reputable for its tea productions, such as Jasmine, Wulong and Rock tea, the province also has large outputs of pineapples, bananas, longans, lycees and pomelos.

Featuring the light tastes of sweet and sour, soup is an important appetizer of the Fujian cuisine; sea clams in chicken soup and "Buddha Jumps Over Wall" (a kind of soup with over 20 ingredients) are great examples. Other local favorites include fried oysters, clam pancakes, fried dumplings and Thousand Layers cake.

Attractions to visit


As the provincial capital of Fujian, Fuzhou is also known as the "City of Banyans" and rich in religious cultural relics.

  • Gushan (Drum Hill)

    At an elevation of 881 meters, Gushan is surrounded by various kinds of trees and has gorgeous sceneries. One of the most popular temples, Yongquansi is situated in the area and attracts many worshippers daily.

  • Lesser West Lake

    Although not comparable to the West Lake of Hangzhou in Zhejiang province, the Lesser West Lake pursues great views. Being a part of the most intact classical garden in Fuzhou, it is surrounded by various bridges, pavilions, trees and plants.


Also known as the Egret Island, Xiamen is one of the most important economic centers in China. Reputable for its cleanliness and remarkable attractions, Xiamen is currently one of the popular tourist cities in Fujian province.

  • Gulangyu (Drum Wave Island)

    Covering an area of 1.78 square kilometers, Gulangyu has marvelous sceneries and is also known as "Garden On The Sea". Most islanders are talented pianists and visitors often heard the beautiful music they played during their stay; that is why the Drum Wave Island is also rated as the "Musical Island". The island is certainly a great place to escape from the crowded, fast-paced and busy city lives.

  • Shuzhuang Garden

    Once a private villa, the Shuzhuang Garden became a public garden park in 1955. It contains one of the most spectacular piano museums, where different pianos and musical instruments around the world are on display.

  • Jimei Scenic Zone

    Approximately 15 kilometers away from Xiamen, the Jimei Scenic Zone contains various scenic spots, in which the Jimei School Village is founded by an overseas patriotic Chinese baron. This village is built in special southern Fujian style and is surrounded by pavilions, lakes and stone-carved tablets.

Wuyishan Mountain

Listed as an UNESCO World Natural and Cultural Heritage Site in 1999, Wuyishan is a popular scenic spot for both local and foreign tourists. Said to pursue 108 scenic areas, visitors can enjoy the fabulous views on the Jiuqu Stream by boat. The fantastic sceneries of the surrounding area can be seen along the voyage, as if you have entered nature's photo gallery; tourists on the cruise also occasionally spotted the ancient Yue people's cliff overhanging coffins during their scenic trips.


Situated in the western part of Fujian province, Longyan is famous for its unique Hakka architectural structures.

  • Peitian Ancient Residential Zone

    Retaining around 30 ancient residences, six colleges, a 1,000-meter long street, etc, the residential zone strongly reflects the unique Hakka architectural techniques and styles.

  • Yongding Hakka Earth Towers

    Originally built to protect the Hakkas from the attacks of wild beasts and bandits, these earth towers were also the homes of the Hakkas. The earth towers were built either in circular or square shapes in special Hakka style. There are currently 360 circular and 4,000 square- shaped earth towers remaining in the Yongding County.

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