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Covering an area of 187,400 square kilometers, Jilin province pursues a population of 26 million and is situated in central northeastern China. Reputable for its lumber industry and the production of ginsengs, corns, sunflowers, mushrooms, grapes and rice, the province has retained many remarkable historical and cultural relics of the Qing Dynasty, as was the origin of the Manchurian culture.

The regional cuisine contains a great selection of wild fresh ingredients and focuses strongly on the matter of healthiness. Popular dishes are Chicken Ginseng soup, steamed White fish, deer meat and the ecological Jinlin Banquet.

Attractions to visit


Also known as the "City of Spring", Changchun is the provincial capital of Jilin province and contains many important historical relics left behind by the "Manzhouguo", the Puppet State established by the Japanese between 1932-1945.

  • Manzhouguo Imperial Palace

    The last emperor of China Puyi became the emperor of the Manzhouguo Puppet State as an aide of the Japanese forces during their invasion of China and the Second World War. Changchun was established as the puppet state capital and this imperial palace served as Puyi's residence and an imperial court headquarter at the time. The palace is currently a history museum opened to the general public.

  • Jingyue Pool Scenic Zone

    This 4.3 square-kilometer pool has clear water and is known as the "Sparkling Emerald Pearl". Containing various scenic spots, the scenic zone has become a vacation resort with fabulous facilities, such as golf courses, skiing tracks, restaurants and much more.

Changbaishan Mountain Scenic Spot

Covered with snow all-year-round, the Changbaishan Mountain Scenic Spot is 2,000 square kilometers in size and has 16 peaks with elevations over 2,500 meters. Neighboring Korea to the South, the scenic area has dense forests, waterfalls, streams, hot springs and much more.

Jilin City

As the second largest city in the Jilin province, Jilin City is famous for its rimed trees during winter, which are regarded as one of the four major natural wonders in China. Water vapor generated from the Songhua Lake freeze on various pine trees ashore, forming layers of crystal-like ice, thus creating amazing beautiful sceneries that attract visitors continuously.

  • Songhua Lake

    Approximately 15 kilometers away from the Jilin City, the Songhua Lake has a surface area of 500 square kilometers and offers the most spectacular rimed trees' sceneries in winter.

  • Meteorite Museum

    This fabulous museum houses 138 large pieces of meteorites from the meteorite shower on Mar 8, 1976. The collection is rated as the most valuable and special so far.

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