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With a population of 36 million, Shaanxi province is located in the middle reaches of the reputable Yellow River and pursues the largest collections of underground cultural and historical relics. The province is rich in minerals, such as coal and metal reserves, and mainly manufactures wheat, cotton, peanuts and walnuts.

Dumplings are one of the most popular food items in the area; so do not forget to check out the delicious dumpling feast while your tour is in progress. Other reputable dishes include: Jia Mo (shredded meat bun, often referred as the Chinese hamburger), Yang Rou Pao Mo (tiny pieces of bread in mutton broth) and various dried fruits.

Attractions to visit


Also known as Chang An in ancient times, Xian is the capital of 13 different dynasties, spanning 1,062 years. It is also rated as one of the four most civilized ancient capitals in the world besides Athens, Cairo and Rome.

  • Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum

    Explore the breathtaking Eighth World Wonder and take a close glance of the First Emperor's underground troops, discovered by several local farmers in an attempt to dig a well. Amazingly enough, no two warriors have the same facial characteristics and expressions, reflecting the superior engraving techniques Chinese labors pursued thousands of years ago.

  • Ancient city wall

    Do not miss out a chance to ride a bike on the world's only intact ancient city wall. Built in the mid 14th century, the wall is 12 meters in height, 14 meters in width and 18 meters in terms of thickness from the bottom.

  • Huaqing Hot Springs Palace

    Located at the foot of Lishan Mountain, the palace is equipped with various natural hot spring pools, in which served as Concubine Yang's (One of the four beauties in ancient China) private bathing facilities during the Tang Dynasty. The fancy decorated imperial halls, pavilions and bathing pools have made the palace a popular tourist attraction.

  • Shaanxi Provincial History Museum

    The museum owns a collection of 110,000 cultural relics, in which approximately 3,000 items are currently on display. The relics are the best representations of the province's history from the Pre-Historic Era through the Qing Dynasty and its development.

Huashan Mountain

Earning its name of "the first mountain under the heaven in terms of danger and peculiarity", Huashan Mountain has an elevation of 1,997 meters and is situated about 120 kilometers away from Xian. At the same time, it is surrounded by five other peaks and formed an image similar to the lotus flower together, providing the best sceneries for the visitors of the area. The only trails to the mountain are often steep and narrow; attempting to climb the mountain on foot is a real challenging task. However, a new cable car way is built recently to reach the mountain scenic area, making it a lot more convenient for interested travelers.

Hukou Waterfall

Located in the middle reaches of the Yellow River, the Hukou Waterfall is in fact the second largest waterfall in China. After the Yellow River flowed through various gorges and mountains, it finally reached a point at Hukou in which the riverbed suddenly became narrow, forming an U-shaped waterfall with a drop of approximately 50 meters. Thunder-like roaring sounds of the spectacular waterfall can be heard within a long distance, and the scenery looked similar to a gigantic kettle absorbing a large amount of speedy flowing water. Thus, the waterfall is also known as the Kettle Spout Waterfall.

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