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Small kids heritage group

We would like to thank Lotus Travel for arranging the most incredible China trip for us! Our family enjoyed the beauty of China and her people for almost three weeks. Every region we visited was unique; and we had a new adventure to experience each day. We really appreciated Lotus' attention to detail. Everything was planned so well and all we had to do was enjoy ourselves! The tour guides were very knowledgeable and friendly; they really went the extra miles and added their personal touches at each stop along our way. Somehow "Thank You" doesn't express how grateful we are for the wonderful heritage tour you had planned for us. This was truly a trip of a lifetime!
- Jim, Tish and Ana Joros

Chengdu Photo Gallery

It was just what we wanted
Our trip was really wonderful and there is really nothing I would change about it. It was just what we wanted. We are not a family that likes large tour travel and this was perfect for us. We liked traveling with just our friends and we liked knowing we had the in-country support of your staff. For this first trip back, I just wanted to be able to let someone else handle the details and be able to concentrate my energies on helping my still young children fall in love with China and embrace every new experience. ¡°My daughters loved seeing the pandas and we all really enjoyed visiting Yi Ma village near Yangshou and getting to visit the elementary school and the old house.
And that is just what happened. My girls loved their trip and are already talking about ¡°next time.¡± So you will be hearing from us again in a few years! Thank you again for not only making our trip possible, but for making it everything we hoped for as well.
- Kathy S.
Once again Lotus did a fantastic job for us!
Imagine our surprise when I ran into Louie in the lobby of the Peace Hotel in Bejing and he informed me that HE was going to take us to the orphanage in Liuzhou. We had a great day, and with his detective work we actually found the gentleman that found our daughter when she was abandoned...What are the odds of that, 12 years later? Another item of note is that we had the same guide for the 10 days that we were in Guangxi, and this guy was phenomenal. His name is Simon Wern, and he is light years above ANYONE that we have had in our two trips...We had a great time and everything you booked and suggested work like clock work. We are already planning on a return to Guangxi in the summer of 2012 and have several people that will be joining us. Louie has promised to take us to meet his parents, and we will be in Again thanks for all your help.
- John, Julie and McKayla H.

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