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Travelex Travelers' Insurance FAQ

(Important note:  Travelex does not currently provide coverage for non-US residents.  If you reside in Canada or Europe, please contact cel@lotustours.net .)

Q: What is the difference between Travel Select Plan and Travel Max Plan?
A: Travel Select Plan offers first payer coverage that allows for customization with several upgrade options including Transportation Pak and Lifestyle Paks (Active Family, Adventurer Plus and Professional paks). It also covers children below age 21 at no additional cost when accompanied bya covered adult and offers 21-day pre-existing exclusion waiver.
While Travel Max Plan offers maximum protection with 30-day pre-existing exclusion waiver and with Transportation and Professional paks and some benefits of Active Family and Adventurer Plus paks included. This plan also offers Cancel for Any Reason Pak as an upgrade, which will allow you to cancel your trip and still recover the cost even 2 days before your departure.

Q: What are the guidelines for enrolling children under 21 with Travel Select Plan?
A: Here are the guidelines for enrolling children under 21. Please note that if these guidelines are exceeded, the child will be charged based on Travel Select Plan rate, using the 0-34 age band.

  1. Children must be under the age of 21 at the time of purchase
  2. Limit to 1 child per 1adult
  3. Limit to $10,000 trip cost per child or not to exceed the adult trip cost.

Q: What is $1000 trip interruption included in post departure coverage?
A: Normally, post-departure coverage does not include any trip cancellation or trip interruption benefits.  However, the Travel Select or Travel Max Plans includes post-departure coverage benefit of $1000 in trip interruption coverage.  We know that a one-way airline ticket home if the trip is interrupted before completion can cost a lot more than the original pre-paid roundtrip airline ticket.  Travelex provides you with an added, convenient benefit to assist with having to purchase an unexpected transportation cost, so are eligible for an additional $1000 per person to assist with this possible event. 

Q: What is “Cancel For Any Reason Pak"?
A: You can cancel for absolutely anything!  It is a protection against unexpected, whatever it may be. Purchase this upgrade and everyone on the plan receives these 2 benefits:
 -Cancel a trip 2days prior to the scheduled departure date and recover up to 75% reimbursement of trip cost
 -Cancel for a Trip Delay Reasons - allows cancellation due to 30% or more of a trip being missed from a covered delay and recover up to 100% of trip cost.
Note:  Traveler must insure full trip cost to receive this benefit and must be purchased within 30days of the initial trip deposit. Maximum trip cost is $10,000 per person.

Q: What is optional Transportation Pak?
A: If you purchase Travel Select and prefer to have more coverage specifically related to the airline flights, you can add the Transportation Pak to your Travel Protection Base Plan rate. The Travel Select Transportation Pak adds an additional Flight Accident Coverage (per person) of $200,000.00, and Rental Car Damage Coverage of $35,000 to your travel insurance benefits.  The costs of this add on is $59 per plan, so all travelers on the same plan would receive the benefits.
But if you choose Travel Max Plan, the Transportation Pak  includes $200,000.00 for Flight Accident Coverage and $50,000.00 Rental Car Damage Coverage (and not just an optional upgrade) in the plan at no additional cost..

Q: After I purchase travel insurance do I receive a confirmation?
A: Yes, once we receive your Travel Insurance Enrollment Form, we will process it and you will receive a Confirmation of Coverage and applicable policy documents via email from Travelex Insurance Services.  The confirmation of coverage will include travel assistance phone numbers to call in case of emergency.  The policy documents will explain the benefits, conditions, limitations and exclusions.
You must bring both your confirmation of coverage and all policy documents with you while you travel in case of an emergency. You may also want to print your Travel Assistance calling information if traveling abroad.

Q: If we need to file a Claim, what are the procedures?
A: For Trip Interruption / Cancellation claim – immediately contact us (Lotus Travel) and the Travelex Claims department to report the trip cancellation/interruption to avoid non-covered expenses due to late reporting.  The Travelex Claims department will then advise you on how to obtain appropriate forms to be completed by You and the attending Physician (if applicable).  You must provide all unused transportation tickets, official receipts etc. If appropriate, obtain medical statements from the doctors in attendance in the country where Sickness or Accident occurred.
For Trip Delay Claims – Obtain receipts from any Additional Expenses (example: meals, lodging, etc.) and submit with written documentation from the source which cause the delay for verification (example: Common carrier, police report, etc.,)
For Medical Expense Claims – Obtain receipts from the providers of services, etc., stating the amount paid and listing the diagnosis and treatment.  Provide a copy of your final disposition of Your claim.
For Baggage Claims – In case of loss, theft or damage to personal belongings, immediately contact the hotel manager, tour guide or representative, transportation official or local police; report occurrence and obtain a written statement.  Submit claim first to party responsible (example: airline, hotel etc..). Provide a copy of the outcome of your claim, along with the written loss statements, receipts, etc.

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