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Game: Catching Chickens

Rules of the game:

  1. One person acts the HAWK, one person acts the HEN, others act CHICKEN.
  2. The HAWK tries to catch CHICKENS, the HEN tries to prevent the HAWK, and CHICKENS try to avoid being caught.
  3. Any CHICKEN caught by the HAWK will become the new HAWK and the HAWK will become a new CHICKEN in the next round.

How to Play?

This is an outdoor collective game. The more the players, the more fun you will have. First, the HEN and the HAWK will be chosen and the rest line up as CHICKEN. CHICKENS will hold the clothes of the person in front of him with both hands, thus composing a chain, following their "mother"---the HEN. The HAWK will stand before the line and face directly to the HEN.
The HAWK will try every possible means to capture CHICKENS, and the HEN's responsibility is to stretch out her "wings" and protect her children. When the HEN moves to block the HAWK, all CHICKENS should also move in the same direction so as to avoid the HAWK's attack. Moreover, they should never loose hold of each other's clothes, otherwise, the chain will be broken and they will be easily caught by the HAWK. If any CHICKEN is that unfortunate, he will become the new HAWK and the HAWK will be a new CHICKEN in the next round. Usually catching the last CHICKEN at the end of the line is the most difficult.

Game: Pitching Sandbag

How to Play?

This is an outdoor collective game. The more the players, the more fun it is.
There are two groups in this game. One is the attackers, and the other is the defenders. Two people compose the attackers group. They are standing at the opposite end of the field, about 40 feet away from each other, pitching the sandbag at the defenders, who are running, jumping and crouching within the field and trying to avoid being hit. If a defender is hit, he has to temporarily heave the game. But if a defender succeeds in catching the sandbag from the attacker, he can get one more life, which can be used to rescue one of his group mates who have left the field. Sandbag is made of a small cloth bag stuffed with sand, rice, or bean. To some extent, this game is similar to baseball: the attacker just like the pitcher and the defender kind of like the catcher.

Game: Folding paper airplane

How to make a paper airplane?

What you need is just a piece of paper and by several minutes' of folding and creasing you can make a paper airplane by yourself! The exact size of the paper is not important, but it should be rectangular but not square. Copy paper is suggested!
There are 12 types of paper airplanes in the pictures at the bottom, from which you can learn step by step.

Preflight inspection

Before you fly the model plane for the first time, you should examine it carefully by looking directly at the front and the rear. Just like a real airplane, the left and right side must be exactly the same, like a mirror image of each other. If one wing is higher than the other or the surfaces are not at the same angle, or the tail is crooked, then the plane is unlikely to fly well. Make any adjustments to correct these problems now.

Flight techniques

This is the fun part, learning to fly. The airplane can be launched forcefully or softly. Launching it on a windy day directly into the breeze causes it to climb into a half barrel roll. For a second it will fly upside down and then flip over and fly a long distance with the wind. On calm days you can launch it gently and horizontally. It has a long glide path and will generally go in a straight line or go into a gentle curve.

Fine tuning

If you find that the plane is banking to the left or right, you can correct it by experimenting with bends on the control surfaces. To gain extra control, cut flaps on the rear edge of the wings and bend the flaps up or down as needed. The tail flaps can be bent up slightly if the nose drops and the plane dives into the ground. Keep your adjustments small and then a test flight to analyze the change. Make more than one model airplane. You will find that they all have unique flight characteristics, no two are alike. Choose the one that flies best and try to compete with your friends.

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